If you’re looking for expert home siding installers, you should search no more. At Home Pro Total Home Improvement Inc., we know the said task like the back of our hands. Whether you are aiming to replace your old, worn sidings, or want to install a brand new one, we can handle it just the same.

As any experienced home construction and improvement company in Pennsylvania would tell you, one of the easiest ways to beautify and protect a home is by installing attractive, yet durable siding materials. These add-ons come in a variety of designs and colors that would fit every imaginable home style and individual preferences.


The primary function and purpose of home siding is to beautify the exterior of any home. You could think of it as your house’s ‘album cover,’ since it pretty much is what visitors and passers-by get to notice first.

With the wide availability of various designs, patterns, and materials, home siding allows for effortless beautification and customization on the part of homeowners and siding installers alike.

Home Siding

Additionally, home siding acts as a protective layer all over your home against the elements such as wind, rain, dust, sun, and the like. Without durable sidings installed, your home will become highly prone to costly damages that could easily set you back with several thousands of dollars.


There are lots of home siding options for you to choose from depending on your taste and needs.

Specifically, here are the most common siding types that our clients choose:

  • Wood. This type of siding is perfect for homeowners who want an earthy, nature-like feel and look for their homes. Wood is relatively cheaper and easier to install compared other siding options. However, they could only last a fraction of the time than more durable siding materials could. For this reason, they should undergo periodic maintenance to last longer.
  • Stone or brick veneers. Among the most popular siding products are stone and brick veneer sidings. These materials are extremely attractive and are proven to last for years. They come in wide choices so getting the right one to complement your home’s design will be a breeze.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl sidings are easy to install, affordable, and does not rot or flake. It also comes in wide color and design options.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum sidings last long and require minimal maintenance. They are offered as alternative to vinyl but may cost you more.

Ultimately, your choice would greatly depend on your preference, your working budget, and your home’s design and architecture. There could also be certain environmental and building code considerations, but we’ll ensure that such will be taken care of.


At Home Pro, we accept installation of new home siding, as well as replacement of old ones using better, more durable materials. Just tell us what specific needs you have and we’ll provide the results that you need.

For top notch home siding services at an affordable price, contact us today for particulars.