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A well-organized home is a delight to every homeowner. It is, after all, the bonding place where family members share meals and stories, as well as the personal haven where you love to sit back and relax after a long day’s work.

However, a growing family like yours needs more space. Simple problems like where to put the newly acquired piano for your little girl, the crib for your baby, or your teenage son’s video game stuffs are common. How about your spouse’s sports gizmos and a whole lot of knick-knacks, which add to the overall clutter?

Looking for your personal effects amid all the chaos is time and effort consuming. So why not add some rooms to your home?


Room additions provide organized space for your specific needs. Doing the job yourself is possible, but getting the services of a Pennsylvania home expert is wiser. You’ll get satisfactory results in less time, and you’ll actually save more by avoiding costly repairs and maintenance.

Home Pro Total Home Improvement Inc. has a lot to offer when it comes to room additions. Our designs fit any space–small rooms, large rooms, and even soundproof rooms that will suit your needs and desires.

We do room additions like:

Living room. Entertain your guests in a living room that breathes of elegance and style from floor to ceiling. Our interior designers can suggest color schemes, furniture, and cabinetry that will blend perfectly with your existing theme, or you may have it customized according to your taste.

Music room. Relax and unwind as you listen to piped-in music in a soundproof music room. Moreover, it is the place where your little girl can pound her piano keys with all her might, anytime of the day, without disrupting your catnap.

  • Playroom. Tired of stepping on your children’s toys? Then, allow us to build or remodel a play room that your kids will love playing in. We can install cabinets and drawers for their toys and knick-knacks and make it look like Wonderland, Disneyland or any theme that you and your kids fancy. The limit is in your imagination.
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  • Dining room.

Our company offers eclectic dining rooms for small get-togethers that will surely make you and your loved ones enjoy your sumptuous meals, as well as contemporary and traditional dining rooms for formal dinners and celebrations.

Guest room. Our guest rooms are designed to make your overnight visitors feel like they’re home away from home–neutral colors that will fit them, twin beds, where they can sleep separately, or they can push together to form a comfy double bed! Low lighting for a cozier glow and night lamps if they want to read.


This is one of the most popular room additions that we have already worked on. A home office/ library saves space. We can install floor to ceiling bookshelves for your important books and documents, display cases for your most prized trophies and medals, and a functional desk, where everything is right under your fingertips.