bass singers 2019

Jason who took peters spot is great also, his dad was the b p for elvis. Sklar, Dunn, East, and Louis Johnson in the bottom 10?!?! However I do not think his tone and sound has aged very well. Great List but I think Dave Holland should have made the list, countless great jazz albums including miles Davis’ Bithes Brew. The guy is a genius. tony reeves greenslade was a good classy bass player. ot many are better than him. Jack was part of a great rhythm section in the Jefferson Airplane. Bogus. Followed by Claypool at #2. And Remember————————-Stones are the 2nd Best Group in the world………………, I could quibble with the order (who couldn’t?) So, how about Scott Thunes, Arthur Barrow….? Will never get the respect he deserves. John Taylor of Duran Duran is better than most of 11 thru 50. Berry Oakley better than most in this “Top 10” and not just #41. All these comments, and no mention of the late, great Helmut Koellen of Triumvirat, my favourite bassist, who puts the “awe” in awesome! How about : Timothy B. Scmidt of ” The Eagles ” ? No Maurice Gibb of the BeeGees? I could not agree more. And that may not have even been his best work from a very versatile career. I could name a dozen who belong on this list, as have others, BUT, not including Tim Bogart??? I saw them both in concert three times and never was less than amazed! I agree, Mel Should get his props! He performs to the needs of his Boss’ songs, not standing out, but filling his role in a very professional band. Jack Bruce I am familiar with and generally I’ve been impressed with what little Cream I have heard. Sorry about the confusion. How Chris Squire is not #1 is beyond me! No electronica players? Chris Squire, 2nd. & there’s much more. are you out of your minds? Y G T B S M..LOL. I believe Ron Carter appeared on more albums than anyone else. Kim Gordon’s instantly recognisable bass sound was one of three equal reasons why Sonic Youth were among the most innovative guitar bands of the past few decades. What about Paul Dean (Jerusalem), one of the innovators of what later became Metal, Doom and Stoner. He deserves that spot at the very least! Flea is the most entretaining but his creativity is limited without John Frusciante and he usually play similar riffs. Think we’ve missed anyone off our list of the best bassists of all time? This studio musician brought classical & jazz training to rock, pop & soul bass. “Going Home”-My favorite Bass Riff of all time. Donald ” Duck” Dunn should have been number 3. For me it’s a tie for 1st: Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, Felix Papilardi, Jack Cassidy, and Greg Lake. Details of death: . You forgot Percy Jones, Ray Shulman, John Wetton, Greg Lake, David Pegg, Miroslave Vitous, Al Johnson, Michael Henderson, Dave Holland, Randy Jo Hobbs, Ralphe Armstrong, Jonas Helborg, John Lodge, and Glen Cornick … in fact, this list is devoid of a host of bassists that made HUGE contributions to 70’s Progressive Rock and Jazz Rock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXHYy3f93uo. The list is composed of just super famous and frontmen. Or Tower of Power Francis “Rocco” Prestia !!! Tull bassists were always expected to be well rounded – even down to wielding the stand-up bass when needed. To learn to play The Beatles song’s bass correctly from zero would take weeks. ?John Pattitucci,,,Bronson Begay,,Alain Caron,,,Tom Peterrson,,Pete Way, John Paul Jones to win Getty Lee runner up SuzI Quatro deserves to be on the list. Just the best. Charles Barksdale (2019), bass singer for The Dells Charles Barksdale . Ridiculous list. Noel Redding, Bill Wyman, Jim Lea, Mel Shacher at least should be in (IMHO in top 20) Roll this shit carefully in tube and put in your a… back, Entwistle was phenomenal. Looking for more? Pete Quaife of The Kinks should be there, as should John McVie of Fleetwood Mac. Jaco only made #12? Nearly a decade after her brilliant … Listen to the many renditions of “Bouree” for examples. Rudy Sarzo? 3.) For the Byrds, the Burritos, Manassas and his own solo and Country career, Chris’ bass chops are incredible. Hahahaha you can tell this list was made by a white guy,Flea number 3 lolol my ass James Jameson not on top 10 ? Try again, do more research, and dump the merely famous who were mediocre bassists at best, like frigging McCartney and Sting.

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