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Episode Details & Credits. Episode List. The energy was drained from the necklace, and Ichabod figures something happened to the Horseman. They hug and Jenny says that Irving left without word or warning, and she has no idea where he went. The two team together, with the help of an old amulet, and continue their epic takedown of the forces of evil.[1]. S2, Ep5 20 Oct. 2014 Another soldier in the army of evil, the Sandman, seeps into the dreams of the residents of Sleepy Hollow. As Mitch corners Lorenzo, the Yao-Quai enters the room and paralyzes Mitch. There's a board up about Abbie's current case, a drug trafficking ring led by Lorenzo Chang. By infiltrating their minds at night, he tortures them to the brink - all because they, at one time, turned a blind eye to justice. Ichabod believes that shamans foresaw their destiny, but Abbie insists that their mission is over. Ichabod goes back outside and finds a footprint in the nearby mud. Among them is a bag holding a piece of black obsidian. She drags him to the car where Abbie's new boss Special Agent Mitch Granger reminds Johnny that they had a deal. "For the Triumph of Evil..." • As it leaps down at him, its eyes turning white, there's a shot and the demon explodes. She explains that she couldn't put her life on hold after Ichabod left, so she went to Quantico to become a FBI agent as she had always planned. Pandora says that she'll walk and the officer drives on. Inside of it is a report of an encounter with a red devil after the Battle of Bunker Hill. Death's AxePandora's BoxKatrina's NecklaceDragon's BreathTree of FearShard of Anubis It is the thirty-second episode of the series overall, and debuted on October 1, 2015. There he found his own drawer in a mausoleum. When she introduces herself, Abbie counts on the legend of Pandora's Box, and Pandora says that it was more of a dowry. Albert Kim "The Way of the Gun" • September 30, 2013. There was an overarching mythology, which we haven't lost, and a new baddie of the week. Sleepy Hollow: Season 3, Episode 1. The colonials took heavy damage in part due to the Yao-Quai. "Blood Moon" • Continuity was one of my biggest concerns, and they seemed to cover most of their tracks with this reboot. Pandora won't be taken out midseason like Moloch, I'm sure. She hits it and it runs off, and Lorenzo flees while Abbie calls for medical assistance. We then find Crane in prison trying to sneak something back into the country and the story really takes off. Directed by Peter Weller. The drawing shows the Witnesses. "Tomorrow" • The Horseman begins his nightly killing spree, and Ichabod must partner with lieutenant Abbie Mills, trying to stop him. "Pittura Infamante" • I'd say this is going to be an awesome season; I just hope the fans return to see it. "Paradise Lost" • Title: This episode is the third season premiere. The third season of the Fox television series Sleepy Hollow … "Hi Johnny" she says to her CI but also to us. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Lorenzo collapses, sobbing, and Abbie motions the hostages to run out. Season 1, Episode 3. Abbie introduces them briefly and Mitch leaves. Add the first question. With Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Lyndie Greenwood, Nikki Reed. Sleepy Hollow season 3 episode guide on TV.com. Abbie Mills receives a message from Ichabod Crane after not hearing from him for several months. However, it's her job to stop them because it's her mission. Season: OR . "Insatiable" • She agrees that something strange was responsible for the deaths, and promises to help Ichabod get to it, but that doesn’t mean it's the Apocalypse. I'd say my only complaint is the monster wasn't as scary or developed as I would've liked, but there was really no time for that. Episode Chronology Capt. "Novus Ordo Seclorum" • Later at the ICU center, Abbie recovers the tablet for Ichabod. Ichabod wonders if that's true, noting that they no longer have a mission or a purpose. "Magnum Opus" • Ichabod says that they have to find out what was in the message. A technician, Dani, comes in with the forensics on the dead hunters. She then pours some of the water on the plant. Mitch enters the building and Abbie spots the Yao-Quai on the roof. Starring: Nikki Reed, Shannyn Sossamon, Lance Gross, Tom Mison, Lyndie Greenwood, Nicole Beharie, Jessica Camacho, Zach Appelman. She tests it for demonic activity using Dragon's Breath, and the water in the print heats up... and then explodes. He then shows her the message, which says that the Yao-Quai is attracted to aggression and gunpowder. "Dark Mirror" • Sleepy Hollow Seasons 1 & 2 were pretty good. Aired 7 years ago - Sep 30, 2013. List of Sleepy Hollow episodes. While hunting the Horseman, Abbie looks into the old case files her longtime mentor Sheriff A… It was written by Albert Kim and directed by Peter Weller. Preceded by: Ichabod fires off a shot and the Yao-Quai approaches him. "The Art of War" • Ichabod comes in and asks for he help interpreting Betsy's message. Season 3 "I, Witness" 3x1. Abbie gets a call and is surprised to learn where Ichabod is. However, the discovery of a mysterious tablet shows that there may be a new dark prophecy surrounding our Witnesses. (01 Oct 2015). They light more gunpowder but the demon ignores it, and Jenny shoots it to get its attention. It was written by Albert Kim and directed by Peter Weller. Abbie and Crane's search for a missing Sleepy Hollow child reveals a creature akin to the Pied Piper, whose legacy with the child's family extends back to a centuries-old curse. Abbie's sister is among the wreckage of a horrific car crash. Don't give up! Ichabod goes through the packed up boxes looking for bestiary texts referring to mythological creatures. Sleepy Hollow Season show reviews & Metacritic score: While still adjusting to his 21st century reality, Ichabod and Abbie continue on their quest to clear up Sleepy Hollow's mysteries. However, Mitch dies in her arms. "Kindred Spirits" • The things you loved about Sleepy Hollow are back! It's full of humor and chemistry and all the delightful elements we loved in the first season. "Dead Men Tell No Tales" • Later, Abbie goes to the ICU detention center and has Ichabod brought out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She leaves with Ichabod and Jenny right behind once they get guns. Ichabod says that he's been there five days and she points out that he disappeared nine months ago, saying that he needed to clear his head. Abbie offers to drop him off at the archives to work on it while she goes after Trevor. In the city, a man, Johnny, runs out of a building to the street... and Abbie knocks him down . Abbie warns that the eyes were only white for a few seconds, and they determine that it will take precise teamwork to kill the Yao-Quai. Episode Information The messenger--Betsy Ross---penetrated the British front lines and deliver Washington's message to Prescott. Many fans seem uninterested in seeing more soapy Sleepy, so if they leave her in a limited capacity as just a flirtatious, aggressive woman and not Ichabod's love interest, it might work. "Awakening" • "This Red Lady from Caribee" • As Abbie goes back to her table, Pandora says that Sleepy Hollow already feels like home. By Kelly Connolly S3 E17 Recap Sleepy Hollow recap: Delaware. The theory is that it was an animal attack, but Abbie knows there are no predators in the area. Episode Recaps. It glows red and Pandora opens the box, and says that she has given what's inside the power of Death... and demands the power of fear. "Blood and Fear" • This FAQ is empty. "The Sin Eater" • Ichabod reviews the message and realizes that Prescott told his men to fire when they saw the white of the demon's eyes. Season 3 starts off ok, but the writing goes seriously down hill and becomes CW style drama about halfway through the season. Once Johnny leaves, Mitch tells Abbie that she had better trust her CI and reminds her that she's not the sheriff's department anymore. "The Indispensable Man" • Abbie assures Ichabod that he belongs there, and he figures that he has to accept the country just like he wants it to accept him. Year: Season 1. All 36 songs featured in Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Once he leaves, Ichabod says that there is a far greater role for them. Abbie isn't happy that he didn't call her in until now, and Ichabod admits that he's been delinquent. SleepyHollow Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Another soldier in the army of evil, the Sandman, seeps into the dreams of the residents of Sleepy Hollow. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Abbie gets a call from the FBI that Lorenzo is holed up in a warehouse with hostages, and they want her there. "Bad Blood", "This Is War" • October 1, 2015 S4, Ep1. Use the HTML below. When Ichabod explains that Abbie is on a drug bust, Jenny points out that it will attract the Yao-Quai. He offers to check and Abbie frees him. Ichabod says that it's an artifact that may hold the key to their destiny as Witnesses. "Deliverance" • They now become aware of a new evil that must be addressed, and join forces with old friends, and new allies to face this new threat to Sleepy Hollow a mysterious woman named Pandora. Season 1 | Season … One final concern: I'm not sold on Betsy Ross character. "Ragnarok", "Columbia" • "In Plain Sight" • "Freedom". Abbie takes Ichabod to the Westchester FBI office … and her office. Summary: Nine months after the deaths of Henry and Katrina, Ichabod is arrested returning to the U.S. Abbie--now an FBI agent--gets him out and they discover that a new evil has been unleashed upon the … Unless, of course, you're one of the few people that liked Katrina. Frank Irving is behind bars for a murder he did not commit. Meanwhile, Sophie continues the FBI investigation into Abbie's disappearance, and Jenny and Joe try … Air date: The Yao-Quai attacks her and then knocks Ichabod to the floor below. One of the complaints I've read pertains to Monster of the Week. "Heartless" • "Root of All Evil" • The war may be over but odd things are still happening in Sleepy Hollow, and Ichabod and Abbie reunite to fight evil. After Ichabod Crane "dies" during a mission for General George Washington in 1781, he awakens in 2013 in Sleepy Hollow. "Sick Burn" • Jenny brings it up on the computer and determines that the message and the satchel containing it were passed down and sold to an entertainment franchise company: Colonial Times. Peter Weller At the archives, Jenny goes through a box of her things. Abbie agrees to get Ichabod out, but says that she needs to know what he was smuggling in. I actually prefer MotW as long as the show retains the subplots and overarching plot of averting the impending apocalypse. Year: Season 4. They show that the hunters were terrified at the moments of death. Tomatometer Later at the archives, Abbie explains that the FBI is blaming Lorenzo for Mitch's death. Gallery. "The Vessel" • "The Sisters Mills" • FOX | Air Date: October 1, 2015. She quickly relegates Headless to her box, and the show begins. What's so bad about that? Episode cast overview, first billed only. "Tempus Fugit" Two hunters are at their cabin in Westchester National Park shooting at cans. "Child's Play" • "Tempus Fugit", "I, Witness" • Sleepy Hollow Season show reviews & Metacritic score: The Sandman, another member of the army of evil, tortures the people of Sleepy Hollow by infiltrating … New showrunner, Clifton Campbell, had his work cut out for him, but he really pulled it off. Objects: Abbie joins him and he confirms that it's not human or animal. We've curated a list of lesser-known films to help you explore the space-time continuum from the comfort of your couch. The partners go back to the archives and Abbie explains that the city sold the building to developers and it's scheduled for demolition in the morning. They are servants, not masters, and the trio figures that someone powerful has summoned a Yao-Quai. TV Schedule. Abbie and Mitch take a team into Lorenzo's meeting place, and shots are exchanged. "Incommunicado" • Mitch, the agent in charge of the investigation, comes in and tells Abbie to meet him in his office in ten. By infiltrating their minds at night, he tortures them to the brink – all because they, at one time, turned a blind eye to justice. He traveled trying to find other Cranes, and went to his family ancestral home in Scotland. In a ruins in the wood, Pandora summons an image of the dead hunters in a fountain and says that she wants more fear. Episode 1; Episode 2; Episode 3; Episode 4; Episode 5; Episode 6; Episode 7; Episode 8; Episode 9; Episode 10; Episode 11; ... For the Triumph of Evil Sleepy Hollow Season 1. Ichabod and Jenny sneak around the back and Jenny lights some gunpowder to attract the Yao-Quai. 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 3, Episode 1: 'I, Witness' Recap. She flirts with him, gives him a kiss for luck, and then leaves with the message. 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2, Episode 18: 'Tempus Fugit' Recap. Once Dani leaves, Ichabod says that they need to tap into less terrestrial information. "Necromancer" • Directed by: Pandora walks to the highway and a police car pulls up and asks if everything is all right. "Pilot" • "Mama" • Season: OR . Washington got a message to Colonel Prescott, who turned the tide of battle. The second season of the Fox television series Sleepy Hollow premiered on September 22, … "The Kindred" • You're out of luck, in that case. "The Weeping Lady" • Followed by: It is the thirty-second episode of the series overall, and debuted on October 1, 2015. "And the Abyss Gazes Back" • Ichabod figures that the message contains the key to defeating the Yao-Quai. He trips over Brent's bloody body, and the same creature attacks him as he freezes in fear. Starring: Orlando Jones, Nikki Reed, Shannyn Sossamon, Lance Gross, John Noble, Tom Mison, Katia Winter, Lyndie Greenwood, Nicole Beharie, Jessica Camacho, Zach Appelman. Brent screams and something growls, and his friend goes in to investigate. "Whispers in the Dark" • It shows the residue was cinnabar, which was used as a pigment in supernatural artifacts.

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