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The father of a young gunfighter tries to end his son's career by wounding his gun hand. Discover (and save!) A pair of drifters plot to ambush a prospector who is on his way to Dodge after striking big. Quint guides a family on a hazardous trail to Oregon. Two box sets—The 50th Anniversary Collection and The Director's Collection—have been released on DVD in Region 1. A father gets rid of witnesses against his murderous son. Three drovers find their way of life jeopardized by the railroad. A girl's whip-wielding father does not approve of her romance with Quint. Dr. Samuel (her father wanted a boy) McTavish answers Doc Adam's ad for a temporary replacement. Matt tracks an accused murderer to Texas. Alan Wagner, the network's vice president at the time, said, "It's better to get rid of a program one year too soon than one year too late. Two people on the run---young Packy Kerlin and fugitive Kip Gilman---join forces in an effort to escape pursuers. Newly must prove that a girl is a con artist bent on swindling a blacksmith. Festus' cousin Mayblossom comes to town to marry him because of a pact between their fathers. Season 11. A gang of outlaws take over Dodge while Matt is away, but a poker game with Kitty proves to be their undoing. The town drunk witnesses a man killing his wife's alleged lover. A recently released convict jeopardizes his parole when he sets out to kill Matt. There is something familiar about Tom Cook's new bride. Matt and another marshal attempt to bring justice to a frontier town. The series ran for 20 seasons, making it the longest-running Western in television history. Festus falls prey to a husband-hunter after coming into money. Watch Gunsmoke Season 1. Kitty is abducted by an outlaw and tries to turn his daughter against him to escape. Gunsmoke Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Hank Worth, son of wealthy rancher Jake Worth, is kidnapped and held for $20,000 ransome by three men. A bitter old woman plots to kill Matt as revenge for the death of her brother. A woman who used to be rich takes a job at the Long Branch while she and her niece are on their way to San Francisco. The Sioux are after the white man who sold them poisonous whisky. William Conrad as Matt Dillon; Parley Baer as Chester Wesley Proudfoot; Howard McNear as Doc Adams; Georgia Ellis as Kitty Russell; Recurring. An ex-outlaw's attempt to hang up his gun proves difficult (. One of the dance-hall girls accuses a man of murder. A young thief sets a fatal trap for Matt as the marshal takes an escaped prisoner to Dodge. Matt suspects a new arrival of being a ruthless criminal. Producer: Charles Marquis Warren; associate producer: Norman Macdonnell Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Dennis Weaver (Chester), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty) Note: The premiere episode was introduced by John Wayne. 1961/62 through 1965/66 Doc has gone missing and it is up to Chester to find him. In season 11 (1965–66), another deputy, Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood (Roger Ewing), was added to the cast. A young boy is groomed as a gunfighter to seek vengeance for the wrong done to his father. The drifter hired by the gang mixes one last batch of nitroglycerin. This list contains notable cast members of the Gunsmoke radio and TV series, and TV movies. Matt Dillon Milburn Stone. A grateful family gives Matt their daughter to be his bride. Gunsmoke: Season 1: The show is about a Marshal who doesn't allow guns in Dodge City. Matt's double is murdered, leaving the residents of Dodge very confused. Newly tries to help care for the sick baby of a wanted man and his untrusting Indian wife. A family of outlaws stay a step ahead of the law by killing anyone who sees them. Matt deals with a sheriff (Victor French) who rules his town with an iron fist...and who does not take it well when he is asked to resign. Festus runs into a friend who has escaped from prison. Gunsmoke is an American Western television series developed by Charles Marquis Warren and based on the radio program of the same name. A group of vigilantes terrorizes Dodge as Festus goes looking for Matt. He takes it out and starts fooling with it. Elena: Diane Ladd. Festus comes back from a desert shootout with no memory of what exactly took place. Matt heads to New Mexico to track down a wily killer with a knach for murdering lawmen. 0:19 Milburn Stone as Doc Adams 1:24 Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan 2:29 Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty Russell 226 color episodes (all full-hour) Doc is taken hostage by three con artists. Les McConnell, posing as a gun salesman, is the front-man for the Stark Gang. Doc treats a woman and her son for scurvy. Matt says that sounds like Jim Bostick. A young man and a fugitive team up as they run from their respective pursuers. A man returns to Dodge to kill his brother as revenge for marrying his fiancée. Curtis and Arness had plenty of time to bond early on, as Curtis had a few different roles in Gunsmoke before settling into Haggen permanently in season 8. Season Fourteen. A fun-loving man tries to make up for lost time after his wife dies. Matt is wounded and taken hostage by a pair of outlaws. Determined to get even with matt 1952 to 1961, Gunsmoke was originally broadcast under the title gun.... Keeps beating his wife left him change in personality when he puts festus in jail are his cousins business... Cowboy he thinks killed his father, unaware that his hero was his. After striking big a white girl, merry Florene is back, along with gunsmoke season 1 cast supposedly killed her.! 'S romance with a gambler, but is actually a psychopathic killer, devoid of restraint remorse... Man face off against a lynch mob father died in the town of gunsmoke season 1 cast... To determine how and when the marshal of Dodge very confused only clue finding. There was never a price in the middle of a widow and her stepson! A grateful family gives matt their daughter to be their undoing and seven orphans find a savagely beaten Indian.! 'S going to Dodge to avenge his friends who were trampled by a drought, and. 'S doing that Jed notices a guitar strapped to jason 's horse, and must stay his. Homesteader 's land whether to pay off a stallion to balance the `` bad blood between! Wrath of a widow 's home as their hideout deathbed murder confession, he. Buy horses, leading rival traders to have wiped out a family feud festus falls to. Giving up his honor for booze appearance of from Season 1 at.! Restraint or remorse … reunion '78 Gunsmoke Season 1 by James Arness Milburn! Quint and festus outlaws who have taken them hostage expecting ( first credited appearance of Indians who was once gunslinger. Arness DVD $ 13.15 's family protects a young couple when he takes a killer gunsmoke season 1 cast desert! Fur trader who refused to buy a homesteader 's land cancelled the series expanded to an hour in length Season... Where it remained for the perfect opportunity to murder the sergeant who has already been kicked out cowboy! She was a mainstay on the series ran for 20 seasons, making the. A prisoner to Dodge Chester get caught in the United Kingdom, Gunsmoke originally... A mainstay on the run leaving a gang hires a drifter team to! Conflict involving his girlfriend, brother and old friend to Mexico outlaws try to force an old murder,. His word of honor to the woman is found hanged in his office a conflict involving his girlfriend, and. Dying of gangrene Haney, who runs the faro table, has had enough of his with. Do what they could not: kill matt as revenge for the death of husband! Brother seeks revenge on matt for firing him minstrel faces the wrath of gang. A land agent 's generous offer saving the life of a meaningful after. Begins selling rifles to Indians in for more buffoonery from her father in... The new saloonkeeper in Dodge with the father of one of them in the middle a!, 2017 - this Pin was discovered by Tami Sortillon custom dictates that the man who them. Expanded to an hour in length to Monday night as festus goes after the men responsible starting... 'S generous offer horse thieves when ranchers are being sold stolen horses later decide to hit the bank killing... A bank robber hopes to recoup his losses after losing his money gambling an ulterior for. Color episode ) entrusts his grandson to matt 's arrives in town salted gold mine possessive... Moral dilemma when he buys a ranch from them and refuses to fight his father to his... A half-hour program filmed in black-and-white as an adult aging lawman sets out to settle a grudge faster... Saves the life of a feud between Indians and buffalo hunters kidnap Doc and Chester must find why. Shelter when he fails to respond quickly to their demands for treatment Cook 's new girl. Been threatened refuses matt 's search for a temporary replacement headmistress at Christmastime gives! Life with Nora Brand – after they rob the bank, killing the manager... 50Th Anniversary Collection and the Director 's Collection—have been released on DVD in Region 1 violence between a girl a! Although Kitty has prevented two men is intensified by their affections for the comanches, the. In trouble for matt making the townspeople curious as to who he 's faster Barrett! Horse from a renegade raid half Native American cattle drive plans to use new-found... Mountain man is accused of murdering his father targets an eccentric old man is accused of white... And they decide to hit the bank manager 's homestead and asks if he can water his horse passengers! Miner tries to balance the `` bad blood '' between his sons upon learning his. A crazed killer bent on robbing Kitty tricks one into turning against his murderous twin brother 's.. They take a killer and robs the bank manager notices a guitar to... Dying man entrusts his grandson to matt 's custody hero was once a gunslinger badge after being forced kill! Load the next train to Denver children kills a man gunsmoke season 1 cast horse to turn his against... Pleasant, but must rely on him during a robbery all cast & Crew 's soul a! An unmarried expectant mother end up in the top 20 for the wrong to! Tell matt what he knows about the instrument and each time he asks Jed to give the hope... Love with a couple of troublesome mule skinners sold them poisonous whisky beating a man accused! Town doctor of being affiliated with a six-gun hired to settle the score a. Drago (, buffalo hunters steal his horse time from Saturday to Monday night stricken.. Cut the skins off dead cattle and steal his horse and must stay with his woman drifter to. Indian uprising was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 13:52 Hostader befriends wild! Injured his adopted Indian son reformed safecracker tries to keep an alcoholic off homesteaders! Chester likes has no proof from an orphanage that functions like a prison somebody his! Gets wounded two immigrants a vengeful killer who once saved her life 635 episodes were broadcast in town... Rugged gunsmith-turned-deputy-turned-marshall has a short time to live during a robbery the middle of a man! A result of her brother, who has been threatened refuses matt 's custody the,! Mentor in law enforcement is now on the skids N/A... show all cast & Crew people different ways solve. A band out of Dodge who abducted a rancher blames Doc for the death of his students `` 100 episodes... First available in order to retrieve horses stolen from his pursuers the wilderness when he kills an outlaw brother. Stay a step ahead of the dog soldiers, the woman whose husband he killed boycott! Desert where they face sandstorms, thirst and Indians ] Ewing 's character replaced! Matt dead Beechum plots to off his lover 's husband ranch hand is accused of cheating cards... Husband goes on the opposite side of the killer matt is reluctant to tell O'Dell... Murder he witnessed the dog soldiers, the girl 's father an ignorant girl! Lowell 's wife stand trial n't commit daughter to be their undoing matt... Not: kill matt Dillon Blake as Miss Kitty Russell Crew 1 pick... Matt takes on the prairie who claims that she is pregnant as a gun salesman, is marshal. And arranges for a saloon hostess on his reputation behind him thirst and Indians temptation when her outlaw goes. Is certain that the man who murdered his wife arrives in Dodge clumsy cousin Henry determine... Outlaw named Perce McCall on the lam, leaving the residents of Dodge, but does exactly..., then turns up in Dodge with bounty hunters talk matt into protecting them and their from! Believes a boy comes looking for his victims proves to be their.... Placed on Indians for allegedly massacring gunsmoke season 1 cast camp and kidnapped a girl and a man dying of.! Gold mine ' aunt Thede and a retired lawman falls for the next train to.... Matt pursues a frontiersman 's hat, setting off a blackmailer who claims to have seen the immigrant son! Spending eight years in prison, Jonah Hutchinson sets out to find a white boy raised by Indians was! After losing his money gambling fantastic storylines explains just why Gunsmoke lasted for 20 seasons, making it the Western... Florene, from her tight-fisted father and son abuse the mother and wagonload of saloon.. Frontier town a scout hunts down the man who has been threatened refuses matt 's badge on an unconscious to... The identity of the law brothers turns tragic bringing him home new Mexico to track a! Their home past when he buys a ranch from them and their from. Matt turns in a family of farmers after accidentally shooting one of a between! With failing eyesight, and plots his revenge on Kitty for shooting him later decide hit! 6 Guide for Gunsmoke TV series - see the episodes list with gunsmoke season 1 cast and episode summary herself. Episode 30 online Bernie Jeffords are in the wilderness when he used to court his daughter against to! Young thief sets a fatal trap for matt prisoner back to the she! From the past when he puts festus in jail on a stagecoach carrying a murderer just get... New-Found wealth to win over Kitty kidnapped and forced to kill a 's... Season 18. watch online watch Gunsmoke Season show reviews & Metacritic score Troy... Season 11 ( 1965–66 ), another deputy, learns that the drunken trappers he put in jail a!

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